Solo exhibitions and major events by Mark Boyle, Joan Hills and Boyle Family are in bold.

1948 - 1949

Hills continued her painting from school days to student years, but studied Building, Construction and Structural Mechanics at the Heriot Watt College in Chambers Street, Edinburgh.


Hills enrolled in architecture course at Edinburgh College of Art.


Hills married, taking her husband's name, and left Edinburgh College of Art; moved to Suffolk where her husband worked.


Mark Boyle enrolled at the University of Glasgow, studying Law. Continued developing interest in writing and poetry.

Cameron Hills born.


Boyle left University and joined the army. Initially with the Scots Guards; later he moved to Northern Command Headquarters, outside Harrogate, where he organised supplies for the Ordnance Corps. He continued writing poetry.


Joan Hills separated from her husband. Moved back to Edinburgh and then on to Harrogate, with her son, Cameron.


April: Boyle and Hills met in Harrogate. They moved in together in the summer. Although still in the army, Boyle spends spare time writing poetry and then starts painting, borrowing Hills’s paints.


Boyle and Hills sold their first paintings to a local collector in Harrogate. They also began making three dimensional ‘anxiety objects’.


In the spring, Boyle and Hills lived in Paris for three months, then settled in London, staying in Regent Park Terrace, and towards the end of the year moved to Hanson Street, near the Post Office Tower.
Boyle and Hills began working at Jasper's Restaurant behind the Royal Court Theatre, London.


Boyle and Hills made their first assemblages, fixing paint tins, brushes, lids and paint onto home-made wooden palettes.
Moved to 114 Queen’s Gate, west London.


March: Sebastian Boyle born.
Boyle and Hills buy second hand projector to help paint words and phrases onto assemblages.
Undertake first projection experiments with boiling liquids and burning slides.


Three poems by Boyle published in Paris Review , no.39, winter / spring 1963 issue

Projection event, Live New Departures, Marquee club, Oxford Street, London, May / June 1963. First public performances of projections by Mark Boyle during series of poetry and jazz events organised by Michael Horovitz

Erections, Constructions & Assemblages by Mark Boyle, Woodstock Gallery, London, 29 July - 17 August 1963

Erections, Constructions & Assemblages by Mark Boyle, Traverse Art Gallery, Edinburgh, 20 August - early September 1963. Traveled to Citizen’s Theatre Gallery, Glasgow, September.

Mark Boyle poetry reading with Spike Hawkins and Ted Milton behind Jim Haynes's bookshop, Edinburgh, August

In Memory of Big Ed
event at the McEwan Hall, Edinburgh, 7 September 1963, on the last day of the International Drama Conference as part of the Edinburgh Festival. Boyle and Hills collaboration with Ken Dewey, Charles Lewson and Charles Marowitz. On the same day Allan Kaprow organizes event ‘Exit Piece’ (also known as ‘Out’) at the same venue, which Boyle & Hills took part in

Event for Judge, Jury and Prisoner at the Bar
Event conceived in response to the threat of Boyle being prosecuted for obscenity following the appearance of a nude model in In Memory of Big Ed (never performed)

Ledlanet Nights: Painting, Sculpture and Things by Living Scottish Artists, 20 September - 1 October 1963. Group exhibition organized by John Calder at his house near Edinburgh. Other exhibitors included William Gear, Ian Hamilton Finlay and Alexander Trocchi

October: Georgia Boyle born

Wanting to incorporate film into their events Hills worked part time with film editor Julia Wolf and then the Mithras film company, 1963-64. Mithras subsequently became David Naden Associates, where Hills continued to work part time until 1967.


Constrasts, McRoberts & Tunnard Gallery, London, a mixed exhibition including Moore, Hepworth and others

Event performed as part of the International Festival of Happenings, organised by Jean Jaques Lebel, at Denison Hall, London, 8 June 1964. On the same night Boyle & Hills take part in Carolee Schneemann’s Meat Joy

Exhibition of International Contemporary Art , Traverse Art Gallery, Edinburgh, 16 August - 5 September 1964

Mark Boyle: Assemblages, Traverse Art Gallery, Edinburgh, October.
Exhibition of 20 constructions in boxes.

2 or 3D, Lords Gallery, London

First random earth studies, on a demolition site at Norland Road, Shepherd's Bush, London

Suddenly Last Supper
Event coinciding with the eviction of Boyle Family from their flat at 114 Queen’s Gate, London, October 1964, included Boyle & Hills projections, burning slides and collage films

Moved to 7a Lansdowne House, Lansdowne Road, near Holland Park Underground Station, London

Event in Pottery Lane, Notting Hill, London, November 1964

Exit Music, event which began at Strand Electric Theatre, London and continued by bus at various locations. A collaboration with Ken Dewey and Charles Marowitz. Boyle and Hills constructed a maze out of abandoned doors on a demolition site in Olaf Street, near Shepherds Bush, London,13 December 1964. Participants included Bruce Lacey, Barry Humphries & Spike Milligan.


Shepherd's Bush Series , London, first series of random earth studies including street studies, sites beside the Thames at Hammersmith Reach and the demolition sites at Norland Road and Olaf Street, Shepherd's Bush

O What a Lovely Whore
event at ICA London, 11 May 1965, included Boyle & Hills projections and collage films

Any Play or No Play
event at Theatre Royal, Stratford East, London as part of a fund raising evening for the ICA, organised by Mark Boyle and including events by John Latham, Jeff Nuttall and Gustav Metzger, 7 September 1965

Between Poetry and Painting, ICA, London, 22 October - 27 November

Mark Boyle taught part time at Watford School of Art for one year

Moved from Lansdowne House to a flat in Advance House, Ladbroke Grove, London


Shepherd's Bush, London, 6 February 1966. Event organized by Boyle and Hills under the pseudonym The Institute of Contemporary Archaeology. There was a second Dig ten days later in Watford and material from both Digs was exhibited at their new flat at 225 Holland Park Avenue, London

First Beach and Mudcracks Studies, Camber Sands, Sussex, Easter

Presentation by Mark Boyle, Indica Gallery, London, 16 July - early August 1966

Son et Lumière for Earth, Air, Fire and Water Projection event, first performed at Jeanetta Cochrane Theatre, London

Son et Lumière for Insects, Reptiles and Water Creatures Projection event, Jeanetta Cochrane Theatre, London, 1 September 1966.
First performance as one of the preview events of the Destruction in Art Symposium (DIAS)

Burning slide projection as part of closing event of DIAS, Mercury Theatre, Notting Hill, London, 30 September

Jasia Reichardt 'On Chance and Mark Boyle' in Studio International, October 1966

Presentation by Mark Boyle with Joan Hills and Cameron Hills, films and psychedlic type projections etc, ICA, London, 29 November 1966

Boyle and Hills formed the Sensual Laboratory with Cameron Hills, Des Bonner and John Claxton developing their projections and associated film works

Son et Lumière for Earth, Air, Fire and Water, performance by Boyle and Hills at UFO club, London, 23 December 1966. Boyle and Hills / the Sensual Laboratory are then asked to provide light environments for the club and bands on a regular basis. Begin collaboration Soft Machine which they continued to do at UFO and other venues in London, Britain and Europe throughout 1967


Bluecoat Society of Arts, Liverpool, 10-28 January. Exhibition and performance of two events: Son et Lumière for Earth, Air, Fire and Water, 10 January and Son et Lumière for Bodily Fluids and Functions, first performed 11 January 1967

Bristol Art Centre, Bristol, 9-28 February 1967. Exhibition and performance of two events: Son et Lumière for Earth, Air, Fire and Water and Son et Lumière for Bodily Fluids and Functions, 10 February

Ventures, Arts Council Gallery, Cambridge, 25 February - 18 March 1967. Group show curated by Jasia Reichardt, also includes Clive Barker, Barry Flanagan and John Latham. Travels to Art Gallery, Oldham, 25 March - 15 April; New Metropole Arts Centre, Folkestone, 22 April - 6 May; Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, 13 May - 3 June; City Art Gallery, Birmingham, 10 June - 2 July; Round Tower, Portsmouth, 8 - 30 July. (Brochure).

Son et Lumières event, Jeanetta Cochrane Theatre, London, 1& 2 March 1967

14-Hour Technicolour Dream, Alexandra Palace, London, 29 April 1967. All-night group event & rave to raise funds for International Times. Projections and ollaboration with Soft Machine.

Began London Series - 100 random studies of an area in West London

Festival Sur la Plage de Saint-Aygulf, France: provided light environments for Soft Machine in geodisic dome designed by Kieth Albarn, 1-5 July 1967

Festival of Free Theatre, Cogolin, France, organized by Jean Jaques Lebel. Boyle and Hills collaborate with Soft Machine to provide overture for Picasso play, Desire Caught by the Tail, two weeks early August 1967

Lullaby for Catatonics
collaboration with Soft Machine and dancer choreographer Graziella Martinez, Barrie Halls, Edinburgh Festival, 31 August - 9 September 1967. Also collaborate with Soft Machine to provide sound and light show for Traverse Players production of Ubu in Chains at the Festival.

Son et Lumière for Bodily Fluids and Functions , Roundhouse, London, September 1967. Performance of event includes couple making love on stage whilst heart and brain functions are monitored and projected above them using early video technology

Cinquième Biennale des Jeunes Artistes , Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 28 September - 5 November 1967. Prize for painting.

St Genevieve dans le Tobogan, Boyle & Hills provide projections for collaboration with Graziella Martinez & Soft Machine, Cinquième Biennale des Jeunes Artistes, Studio des Champs- Elysees, 6 - 7 October 1967

Premio Lissone, Milan. Prize for painting

Projection event with Soft Machine concert for closing down of the old ICA, London, 8 December 1967

Studies Towards an Experiment into the Structure of Dreams
Mark Boyle & Joan Hills / Sensual Laboratory with Graziella Martinez. Series of dance and projection events at the Arts Lab, Drury Lane, London, runs for 70 performances, December 1967- January 1968

The Beard, John Arden play at the Royal Court Theatre, London. Boyle and Hills provide light environment for overture


January-April: Boyle & Hills toured USA with Jimi Hendrix and Soft Machine, producing light environments for Soft Machine. (Approximately 50 performances).

ICA, London, produced major light environment for opening of the new ICA at Nash House, The Mall, 22 March 1968

Zagreb International Exhibition, Gallery for Contemporary Art, Zagreb. Prize for painting.

Arts Lab, London, collaboration with George Brecht, Cornelius Cardew and John Tilbury.

Here Today, Institute of Contemporary Archaeology, London.
Self staged exhibition at Boyle and Hills’ flat of Shepherd's Bush studies, films and material from Dig (cat)

Began random selection of sites for the World Series (Journey to the Surface of the Earth), August


Journey to the Surface of the Earth: An Exhibition to Launch Earthprope by Mark Boyle, The Sensual Laboratory and The Institute of Contemporary Archaeology, ICA, London, 3 June - 20 July 1969. Exhibition included various earth pieces from the London series; a 360 degree projected environment and the World map for the final random selections of the one thousand for the World Series (cat) and the following events:

Body Work, event at the ICA, London

Taste / Sight and Smell / Taste, events at ICA, London

Premiere of two Boyle & Hills/ Sensual Laboratory films, Beyond Image and Son of Beyond Image with a live performance by Soft Machine in the projected environment at the ICA, London, 24 June 1969

Joan Hills began work on Seeds for a Random Garden which had been conceived in 1966 as an attempt to bring plant life into the Boyle / Hills project

Began work on Requiem for an Unknown Citizen , an attempt to look at society and social relations in the Boyle / Hills project, (performed 1971)

Began Sand, Wind and Tide Series ( or Tidal Series) at Camber Sands, Sussex, 1-7 November. Boyle and Hills and the family stayed at Camber working on the Tidal series through November and then made the Snow Series on Camber Beach


Journey to the Surface of the Earth, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague, 16 May - 12 July 1970 (cat). Soft Machine concert at the opening of the exhibition with Boyle / Hills / Sensual Laboratory projections

Made first World Series project near The Hague.

Sand, Wind and Tide Series, ICA, London

Journey to the Surface of the Earth, Bela Centre, Copenhagen

Second World Series project, Nyord in Denmark

Began Multi Human Being Studies


Journey to the Surface of the Earth, Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Høvikodden, Oslo, February 1971

Soft Machine concert at the Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter with Boyle / Hills projections, 27 February 1971

Boyle and Hills collaborate with Soft Machine for the last time at a concert at the Deutschlandhalle in Berlin as part of a British art, music and theatre festival, 27 March 1967. The same festival was also to include a presentation of Boyle / Hills earth pieces and events at the Akademie der Kunst with the premiere of Requiem for an Unknown Citizen featuring full performances of the three Son et Lumieres: Earth, Air, Fire and Water; Insects, Reptiles & Water Creatures; and Bodily Fluids & Functions. Not performed as Boyle & Hills closed the show on the first night when no help is given to hang the exhibition and visitors at opening walk on works.

Requiem for an Unknown Citizen
De Lantaren Theatre, Rotterdam, 9 &10 April 1971
. Hastily arranged premiere after Berlin debacle for two performances by the Sensual Laboratory including Boyle and Hills’s children, Sebastian & Georgia.

Galerie Paul Maenz, Koln, 6 - 30 November 1971
exhibition of the Nyord World Series project and other works

Began the Rock Series, Mull, Scotland


British Thing, Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Høvikodden, Oslo, 23 September - 15 October 1972

Made four separate World Series works and the Thaw Series in Norway

Galerie Paul Maenz, Koln, 4 - 30 November 1972
exhibition of the Rock Series

Urban refuse-fire project, London


Journey to the Surface of the Earth, Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, 16-30 June 1973

Magic & Strong Medicine, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 27 July - 28 October 1973. Curated by Norbert Lynton, catalogue with text by Norbert Lynton

Galerie Muller, Stuttgart, 14 September - 27 October 1973

Journey to the Surface of the Earth, MacRobert Art Centre, University of Stirling, 15 October - 18 November 1973

Skin Series. Continuation of the Body pieces begun in 1966 and Body Works of 1969. Boyle and Hills coin the term cytograms for photographic works made of randomly selected parts of Boyle's body.


Began Lorrypark Series, London Bergheim, Germany, World Series project

Demonstrative Fotografie, Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg, 24 February - 31 March 1974. Catalogue with text by Hans Gercke.

13 Artists: Projekt ‘74, Galerie Paul Maenz, Koln, 4 July - 27 July 1974

Kunst bleibt Kunst--Projekt '74--Aspekte internationaler Kunst am Anfang der 70er Jahre, Kunsthalle Koln, 6 July -8 September 1974. Catalogue with texts by Dieter Ronte, Evelyn Weiss, Manfred Schneckenburger, Albert Schug, Marlis Grüterich, Wulf Herzogenrath, David A. Ross, Birgit Hein, and projects by artists.

Galerie Paul Maenz, Koln, 19 October - 2 November 1974

Art as Thought Process, Serpentine Gallery, London

Mark Boyle: Erdproben aus 'London Study', Kunstverein Laupheim, 14 December 1974- 5 January 1975


British Art Mid '70s, Jahrhunderthalle Hoechst, Frankfurt, 26 March - 25 April. Travelled to Forum, Leverkusen, 7 - 28 May (cat)

From Britain ‘75,Taidehalli, Helsinki, touring Finland, (cat)

Journey to the Surface of the Earth (Continued), Serpentine Gallery, London, 4 October - 2 November. Travelled to the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, January 1976

Body and Soul, Peter Moores Liverpool Project 3, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, October 1975-January 1976 (cat)


Arte Inglese Oggi 1960-76, Palazzo Reale, Milan, 8 February - 20 May 1976 (cat)

Recent British Art, British Council Touring Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1 September 1976. Travelled to Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, 30 September - 17 October 1976; The National Gallery, Athens, Greece, 13 December 1976 - 13 February 1977; Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Yugoslavia, 24 February - 18 March 1977; Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 25 March - 17 April 1977; Wiener Secession, Vienna, Austria, 3 May - 30 May 1977; Galerie Him, Innsbruck, Austria, 17 June - 10 July 1977; Museum Narodowe, Krakow, Poland, 1 September 1977; Exhibition Hall, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran,7 October - 24 October 1977; Museum Narodowe, Wroclaw, Poland, 27 November - 6 December 1977; Museum Sztuki, Lodz, Poland, 7 January - 5 February 1978; Konstmuseum, Goteborg, Sweden, 25 February - 2 April 1978; Kinstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway, 6 May - 28 May 1978; Kunstforening, Trondheim, Norway, 28 June - 23 July 1978; Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, Aalborg,Denmark, 5 August - 27 August 1978; Kunstforengen, Bergen, Norway, 8 September - 24 September 1978; Kluuvi Galleria, Helsinki, Finland, 6 October - 22 October 1978; Stadt Konstmuseum, Helsinki, Finland, 7 October 1978; Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal, 23 November - 23 December 1978; Centro de Arte Contemporanea, Museo Nacional de Soares dos Reis, Oporto, Portugal, 18 January - 18 February 1979


Photographs - Works, Felicity Samuel Gallery, London, 31 January - 4 March 1977

Real Life, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 2 June - 6 September 1977

Felicity Samuel Gallery, London, 17 October - 2 December 1977


Sardinian World Series project

XXXVIII Venice Biennale, British Pavilion, 2 July - 15 October 1978

Painters in Parallel , Edinburgh College of Art, 16 August - 9 September 1978

Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Hovikodden, Oslo, 21 September - 22 October 1978

Mark Boyle und Joan Hills' Reise um die Welt / Mark Boyle and Joan Hills' Journey to the Surface of the Earth, Kunstmuseum, Luzern, 5 November - 6 December 1978

Began Swiss World Series project

Kulturhuset, Stockholm, November 1978

Arts Council of Great Britain Collection Acquisitions, Hayward Gallery, London.


Mark Boyle: at Opdage Virkeligheden, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk, Denmark, 3 March - 29 April 1979

Mark Boyle: Journey to the Surface of the Earth, Museum Am Ostwall, Dortmund, 6 June - 29 July 1979

Studies of Cliffs and Desert Terrain, Central Australian Desert.


Mark Boyle und Joan Hills' Reise um die Welt 3: Schweizer Serie / Mark Boyle and Joan Hills' Journey to the Surface of the Earth 3: The Swiss Site, Kunstmuseum, Luzern

Mark Boyle: Journey to the Surface of the Earth: Australia, Contemporary Arts Society Gallery, Adelaide, 7-29 March 1980

Charles Cowles Gallery, New York

Richard Hines Gallery, Seattle, Washington, 11 June - 19 July 1980

British Art 1940-80: The Arts Council of Great Britain Collection, Hayward Gallery, London

From Object to Object, Arts Council of Great Britain Touring Exhibition.


Mark Boyle & Joan Hills, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington

Mark Boyle & Joan Hills, Newport Harbor Art Museum, Newport, California, 24 July - 6 September 1981

Inaugural Exhibition, The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama, Japan, July 1981

Approaches to Landscape , Tate Gallery, London, 18 December - 7 February 1982


Mark Boyle & Joan Hills, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, 10 March - April 1982

Aspects of British Art Today, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, 27 February - 11 April 1982; travelled to Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, Utsunomiya, 24 April - 30 May 1982; The National Museum of Art, Osaka, 12 June - 25 July; Fukuoka Art Museum, 7 August - 29 August 1982; Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, 9 September - 9 October 1982

Mark Boyle & Joan Hills, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, 16 October - 4 December 1982

Journey to the Surface of the Earth, Japan & London Pieces, Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo, 8 - 27 November 1982

Worked in Japan on projects in Toyama, Oya and Iwaki prefectures


Exhibition Dialogue, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, 28 March - 16 June 1985

Boyle Family Archives, Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Høvikodden, Oslo, 21 September - 20 October 1985. First exhibition as Boyle Family (cat)

A Notional Gallery, London

Self staged warehouse exhibition


Between Object & Image, British Contemporary Sculpture , Palacio de Velazquez, Madrid. Tavelled to Centre Cultural de la Caixa de Pensions, Barcelona, 3 June - 17 July 1986 and Bilbao (cat)

Forty years of Modern Art, 1945-1985 , Tate Gallery, London

Studies of the Nude , Marlborough Fine Art, London (cat)

Cornerhouse Art Centre, Manchester

Beyond Image: Boyle Family, Hayward Gallery, London, 1 November - 25 January 1987 (cat)

Broken Path Series
Began Westminster Series and first Chalk Cliff studies


British Art in the 20th Century, Royal Academy London. Travelled to Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart (cat)

Beyond Image: Boyle Family, Southampton City Art Gallery, 5 February - 8 March 1987

Beyond Image: Boyle Family, Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum, 26 March - 17 May 1987

Beyond Image: Boyle Family, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, 6 June - 26 July 1987

Rodziny Boyle, Museum Sztuki, Lødz, July - August 1987. Travelled to the BWR Gallery, Sopot, Gdansk (cat)

XIX Bienal de Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2 October - 13 December 1987 (cat)

Beyond Image: Boyle Family, Mead Gallery, University of Warwick, Coventry, 3 October - 7 November 1987

Beyond Image: Boyle Family, Gardner Centre Gallery, University of Sussex, Brighton, 7 October - 4 November 1987

Boyle Family, Turske & Turske, Zurich, 9 October - 22 November 1987

Boyle Family, Turske & Whitney Gallery, Los Angeles, 12 December - 12 January 1987


Boyle Family, Galerie Lelong, Paris, 14 January - 20 February 1988

Boyle Family, Paco Imperial, Rio de Janeiro, January - February 1988 (cat)

Experience of Landscape, Arts Council of Great Britain touring exhibition

Modern British Sculpture , Tate Gallery, Liverpool

Sculpture Anglaise 1960 - 1988, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Le Havre. Travelled to Centre Regional d’Art Contemporain Midi-Pyrenees, 23 March - 7 May 1989

Boyle Family: Recent Work, Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, November 1988

Highland Shore project in Scotland
Hiroshima project


Terra Firma, Columbia University Gallery, New York.

Fire Series, London

Boyle Family: The Fire Studies, Turske & Turske, Zurich, 25 November 1989 - 13 January 1990


Boyle Family: Fire Series, Friedman-Guinness Gallery, Frankfurt, 17 February - 16 March 1990

Gisborne, New Zealand World Series project
Kyushu, Japan World Series project
Began the Japan Series working in Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Saga, Kagoshima, Miyazaki and Kumamoto prefectures

Down to Earth: Boyle Family, Auckland City Art Gallery, New Zealand, 11 September - 28 October 1990 (cat)

Glasgow's Great British Art Exhibition , McLellan Galleries, Glasgow

Team Spirit , Neuberger Museum, State University of New York, Purchase, (14 October - 6 January 1991). Traveling exhibition organised by Independent Curators Incorporated. Toured to Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art (1 February - 29 March 1991); The Art Museum at Florida International University, Miami ( 13 September - 11 October 1991); Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Scottsdale, Arizona (22 December - 16 February 1992); Winnipeg Art Museum (16 March - 5 May 1992); Laumeier Art Museum, St. Louis, Missouri (6 June - 18 July 1992); Salina Art Center and the Wichita Museum of Art, Salina and Wachita, Kansas (29 August - 24 October 1992). (cat)

Boyle Family: Japan Series, Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo, 16 October - 10 November 1990 (cat)

New York project


Docklands Series, London

Boyle Family: Docklands Series, Runkle-Hue Williams, London, 31 May - 5 July 1991 (cat)


The Negev Desert, Israel: World Series project


The Sixties Art Scene in London , Barbican Art Gallery, London, 11 March - 13 June 1993 (cat)

Differentes Natures, Visions de l’art Contemporain, Exposition a La Defense, Galerie Art 4 et Galerie de l’Esplanade, Paris, 25 June - 26 September 1993 (cat)

Began the Barra, Scotland: World Series project


This object, that object: to reveal the hidden meaning of things, McMaster Museum of Art, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, 4 September - 16 October 1994


Spirit and Place, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 22 November - 2 March 1997


Boyle Family, Compton Verney Art Museum, Warwickshire

Out of Actions: Between Performance and the Object 1949 - 1979, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 8 February - 10 May 1998. Travelled to MAK Vienna, Museu d'art Contemporani de Barcelona, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (cat)

Transistors, Hashimoto Museum of Art, Morioka, Japan and Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

In Our Time, Bayley Art Museum, Virginia


Sebastian Boyle opens construction, a Boyle Family project space in London

Boyle Family, construction, London, 14 May - 27 June 1999

Collaboration Art, Possibilities of Joint Production, Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art, 10 July - 22 August 1999

Boyle Family, construction, Edinburgh, 6 August - 4 September 1999

Boyle Family: Journey to the Surface of the Earth (continued), construction, London, 5 November - 12 December 1999

Relic/ Reliquary, Institute for Modern and Contemporary Art, Calgary


Boyle Family: a documentary directed by Georgia Boyle and Fran Robertson for the BBC and the Scottish Arts Council

Live in Your Head, Concept & Experiment in Britain 1965 - 1975, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, 4 February - 2 April 2000. Travelled to Museu do Chiado, Lisbon, 1 February - 14 May 2001

Sebastian Boyle: Recent work, construction, London, 5 May - 4 June 2000

Beside the Sea, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

Boyle Family, construction, London, 15 November - 17 December 2000

Began Barcelona project from the World Series


Sebastian Boyle, construction, London, 31 May - 8 July 2001

Boyle Family, construction, London

Les Annees Pop, Centre Pompidou, Paris (Beyond Image film screened)


Markers, McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, Ontario

Blast to Freeze: British Art in the 20th Century, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg (14 September 2002 - 19 January 2003). Travelled to Les Abattoirs, Toulouse (2003) (cat)

New Acquisitions, New Work, New Directions 3, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Began random sound study of London


Boyle Family, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, 14 August - 9 November, catalogue with essays by Patrick Elliott, Andrew Wilson and Bill Hare


Art & the 60's, This was Tomorrow, Tate Britain, London. 30 June-3 October 2004. Toured to Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (cat)

Boyle Family: Journey to the Surface of the Earth (continued). Akureyri Art Museum, Iceland, 28 August - 24 October 2004. Travelled to Hafnarborg Art Centre, Hafnarfjordur, 13 November - 6 December 2004

Boyle Family: Early Projections, construction, London, 1 October - 7 November 2004

Boyle Family: The London Sound Study, The Centre of Attention, London, online exhibition, 1 October - 7 November 2004.


Visual Music: Synaethesia in Art and Music Since 1900, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angleles, 13 February - 22 May 2005; Hirshhorn

Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., 23 June - 11 September 2005 (cat)

Controlled, Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery,16 May - 25 June 2005

Summer of Love, Tate Liverpool, 27 May - 25 September 2005. Travelled to Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, 2 November - 2 February 2006; Kunsthalle Vienna, 12 May - September 2006; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 24 May - 16 September 2007 (cat)

Teaming, the Embassy, Edinburgh. 6 August - 4 September 2005


Sixty Years of Sculpture in the Arts Council Collection, Longside Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park. 18 March - 25 June 2006

Important Mischief, British Sculpture from the 1960s and ‘70s. Leeds City Art Gallery, April - November 2006.

Divided Selves: The Scottish Self Portrait from the 17th Century to the present day. Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, 21 April - 3 June 2006. Travelled to The Fleming Collection, London, 20 June - 2 September 2006 (cat)

Riflemaker becomes Indica, Riflemaker, London. 20 November- 4 January 2007 (cat)

Boyle Family: Seeds for a Random Garden, Charlton Project, construction, London, 3 December - 21 January 2007


Centre of the Creative Universe, Tate Liverpool, 20 February - 9 September 2007 (cat)

Boyle Family Films with music by Soft Machine, ICA, London, 21 April 2007

Beyond Appearances, Scottish Modern & Contemporary Art, City Art Centre, Edinburgh. 30 June - 23 September 2007

True Romance, Allegories of Love from the Renaissance to the Present. Kunsthalle Vienna, 5 October 2007 - 3 February 2008. Travelled to Museum Villa Stuck, Munich 21 February - 12 May 2008 and Kunsthalle zu Kiel, 31 May - 7 September 2008 (cat)

Nyehaus becomes Indica, Nyehaus, New York. 8 November - 22 December 2007

Garten Eden - der Garten in der Kunst seit 1900. Kunsthalle in Emden, 1 December 2007 - 30 March 2008. Travelled to Stadtische Galerie Bietgheim - Bissingen, 19 April - 6 July 2008 (cat)


Boyle Family: Work from the 60s & 70s, Delaye Saltoun, London, 25 April - 7 June 2008.

Twelve Travels, British Art in Sensibility and Experience. Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, 27 April - 22 June 2008. Travelled to Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, 12 September - 26 October 2008; The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama, 2 November - 23 December 2008; Setagaya Art Museum, 10 January - 1 March 2009 (cat)

Badlands: New Horizons in Landscape. Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, 25 May 2008 - 12 April 2009 (cat)

To become like music: late modernist painting, performance and the musical avant-garde, 1945-1965. Mummery + Schnelle, London, 15 July - 16 August 2008

On Location: Art, Space and Place in the 1960s. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, 23 September - 14 December 2008 (cat)

Revolutions 1968. Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, 16 September - 9 November 2008


Boyle Family: the Barcelona Site, construction, London, 1 June - 12 July 2009

Making Nature: Masters of European Landscape Art, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, 26 June - 6 Septemeber 2009 (cat)

Scottish Paintings, Old Master to Contemporary, Bourne Fine Art, Edinburgh, 31 July - 5 September 2009 (cat)

British Council Collection: My Yard, Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2 October - 6 December 2009

Boyle Family: Works from the 1960s & ‘70s, Bourne Fine Art, Edinburgh, 9 - 31 October 2009 (cat)

Running Time: Artist Films in Scotland 1960 to now, Dean Gallery, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, 17 October - 22 November 2009


Boyle Family, The Barn Gallery, Weston, North Yorkshire, 29 May – 15 June 2010

What you see is where you’re at: Part 3, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 31 July 2010 – 13 February 2011 (Boyle Family, the Barra Project)

Boyle Family: Loch Ruthven, Hightland Institute of Contemporary Art, Dalcrombie, Invernessshire, 24 October – 28 November 2010


Modern British Sculpture, Royal Academy, London, 22 January - 7 April 2011 (cat)

Mundane Monumental: The Everyday in Modern British Sculpture, James Hyman Fine Art, London, 10 February - 5 March 2011

United Enemies: The Problem of Sculpture in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, 1 December 2011 - 11 March 2012 (cat)

Travelling Light, Works from the Government Art Collection selected by Simon Schama, Whitechapel Gallery, London, 16 December 2011 - 26 February 2012


Ends of the Earth: Land Art to 1974, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, 27 May - 3 September 2012. Travelled to Haus der Kunst, Munich, 11 October 2012 - 20 January 2013 (cat)

Post-Painterly Abstraction: Abstraction and Motion, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Seville, 12 July - 11 November 2012

Ululation, Vigo Gallery, London, 10 October - 9 November 2012

Painting without Paint, David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen, 8 December 2011 - 26 January 2012

From Death to Death and Other Small Tales: Masterpieces from the Scottish National Gallery of Art and the D. Daskalopoulos Collection, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, 15 December 2012 - 8 September 2013 (cat)


Uncommon Ground: Land Art in Britain 1966-1979, Southampton City Art Gallery, 10 May – 3 August 2013. Travelled to National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, 28 September 2013 - 5 January 2014; Mead Gallery, Coventry, 18 January 2014 – 16 March 2014; Longside Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 5 April 2014 - 15 June 2014 (cat)

Art Under Attack: Histories of British Iconoclasm, Tate Britain, London, 2 October 2013 - 5 January 2014 (cat)

The Sand, Wind & Tide Series, New Acquisitions, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, 12 October 2013 - 4 May 2014

Boyle Family: Contemporary Archaeology: The World Series, Lazio Site, 1968 / 2013, Vigo Gallery, London, 16 October – 16 November 2013 (cat)


A Special Arrow Was Shot in the Neck, David Roberts Art Foundation, London, 31 January - 29 March 2014

Waywords of Seeing, Le Plateau, FRAC, Paris, 12 June - 27 July 2014

When Elephants Come Marching In: Echoes of the Sixties in Today's Art, de Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam, 27 September 2014 - 11 January 2015

Boyle Family, Early Projections, de Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam (as part of the Amsterdam Light Festival), 27 November 2014 - 18 January 2015


Boyle Family, Contemporary Archaeology, Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, 16 January - 14 March 2015

Deep Highly Eccentric, Winchester Art Gallery, Winchester School of Art, 6 - 19 February 2015